Sunday, March 22, 2009

March Maddness

So, for the month of March Glen and I have been really busy. At the start of the month Stephanie, Matt and the girls came down for a visit. We all went to Disneyland for Glen and my Birthday. While we were there we had a wonderful time. It was so nice to go to the parks with the kids and watch them enjoy themselves.

Glen and I at the front of the park.

Here we are on Main Street.

Having fun ridding all of the rides. When we got home from Disneyland Lisa and the boys were there waiting for us to come home. Lisa came down so that she could visit Stephanie and also be there for Sarah's Blessing. I was running every minute to get ready for the Blessing that was going to be at our home with all of our family and Stephanie and Matt's friends.

Here we are the proud Grandparents with cute little Sarah. We were so excited to celebrate her special day. To get Sarah ready for her blessing I made the dress that she wore.

Doesn't she look like an Angel. Well, the month is winding down and Stephanie and Matt has just left Lisa is only here for a few more days. Although, the house has been filled with screaming noise kids, I would not have it any other way.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A New Year and a New Grandbaby

The year started off with the birth of our 17th grandchild. She is the fourth daughter of Matt and Stephanie's kids. Her name is Sarah Stephanie. She was born on January19 . She was 7 lbs 2.9 oz and 19 inches long. She is very cute as you can tell from the pictures.

Her she is having her first bath.
Stephanie with her girls.

Emily, Elizabeth, Sarah, and Amanda

Sweet little Sarah

Her sisters love her and enjoy having another sister to play with. I came out to help Stephanie with the new baby. It has been fun to spend time with the girls and Matt and Stephanie. We are all so happy that Sarah is finally here safe and sound.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas 2008

This year we celebrated Christmas with the kids on December 20th. Lisa, Brandon and Ryan came down earlier to visit then left to visit family in Oregon but they were back in time for our Christmas party. Craig and Christine came in late Friday night with all of their kids. Jared and Brit stayed in the Motor home so that we would not have to drive Brit back and forth from their home to ours all weekend. Blair was working in Nevada on a really big job so he missed the party but Gina and the kids were around for the entire weekend. Stephanie and the girls were still in Demoni but Matt came for Dinner and to open their gift. Then he had to head home to help Stephanie with the girls. Matt was here getting things signed and official for their move back to Arizona, so he can practice medicine. Here are some of the pictures from our weekend.

There were 93 images in that slides show. It shows everything that we did. The kids playing on the scooters and bikes in the backyard. There was coloring going on in many of the bedrooms. The boys were having a BLAST playing the Wii. Each of the grandkids were given an opportunity to ride a horse. Then there was the caroling. And although the horse were not quite ready to pull the wagon Glen drove the SUV around so all the kids could go caroling. Then we had our Christmas program which included a FHE from Brit on the Light of Christ, followed by Gina telling a wonderful story about the Christmas Candle. After that we had the puppet show nativity, which then lead into the opening of presents. And then the night ended with a surprise guest. SANTA!! Brit took pictures all weekend long and when all was said and done she had taken over 587 pictures! On Sunday many of the kids went home after dinner. Brit and her kids went back to there house and Craig and Christine drove home. Lisa was here for just one more day then she left. And the partying was done.

For Christmas Eve, we were invited to celebrate with Brit's family. Every year each family takes a turn hosting. This year was Brit and Jared's turn to host the party. Brit's sister Terry was nice enough to help Brit out by having the party at her home. Here is a picture of Glen and me with Brit's parents Kent and Barbara.

So, that was our Christmas. It was very busy!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Glen's Fathers 89th Birthday!

So, we went to Utah to celebrate Elmer Smart's 89th Birthday. All of his children came to visit him on his special day. The evening was very special. The only thing that we wished that the party would have included was more time with Glen's brothers and sisters. We really only get to see them in the summer when we have Family camp, in Fairview Canyon.

Monday, November 24, 2008

The First Post

This is the blog of Carol and Glen. They are the proud parents of Blair, Craig, Stephanie, Jared and Lisa. In our family there are sixteen grandchildren and one on the way.

Blair and his wife Gina have five children. There is Joshua, Aarron, Mariah, Ethan and Jessah. They live near us in sunny Arizona. They have a blog that is fun to read at .

Craig and his wife Christine have four children. There is Sierra, Hunter, Zane and Alanna. They live in Nevada, which is about five hours away from Phoenix. They also have a blog at

Stephanie and her husband Matt have three children and one on the way. There is Elizabeth, Amanda, Emily and a little girl that has no name yet. They will be moving to Arizona soon. They do not have a blog yet.

Jared and his wife Brit have two children. There is Logan and Alexis. They also live near us in Arizona. They have a fun blog to read at

Lisa and her husband Scott have two children. There is Brandon and Ryan. They live in Philly. We hope that they will move closer when Scott is done with school. They also have a blog at

Glen still works but with his free time is always working his two horses. A perfect match pair that he hopes to have trained to pull the hay wagon so we can sing Christmas carols on.
Carol still teaches piano. She loves to quilt, enjoys being at home and be with her family.